Farms V. Forino and Sons is proud to be honnored : Mérite agricole 2010 & Moisson d'or 2009

History : Farms V. Forino and Sons

Farms V. Forino and Sons (FVF) is a family operated company, and has been in the produce industry for nearly 50 years.

It all began in 1952, when Vincent Forino first arrived in Canada from Italy. Six years later he purchased his first piece of land, and in 1961 he began his life long partnership with his wife Marie. Both hard workers of Italian descent watched their company and family of nine children flourish before their eyes.

They settled in the one of the most beautiful areas in the Monteregie region in Quebec, in the heart of Saint-Patrice de Sherrington. It is here where they cultivate their produce consisting of Lettuce, Radish, Celery Nappa cabbage and Carrots.

In 1997, Vincent and Marie began the process of having their children take over the business. Giving all their time and energy into this beautiful company; Carmen and Joseph now form the heart of Farms V. Forino and Sons, going above and beyond their parents expectations.

Carmen is responsible for the sales, marketing development and the on- site quality control.
Joseph, handles the soil preparation, crop quality, and all the innovations.
Their father Vincent, in spite of being 80 years old, is always there to drive a tractor or even guide a new employee.

On many levels, Vincent and his children are pioneers in the produce industry. Some examples of their earlier innovations consist of the development of a soil drainage and irrigation system, which allows them to better operate the rich black soil. Not to mention, the construction of their several customized green houses.

In the early 1970’s they constructed many refrigerated warehouses. 
These refrigerated warehouses consisted of a vacuum cooler that could reduce the temperature of the produce as it would arrive from the fields, which serves the purpose to prolong its shelf life.

Over time, the company has experienced continuous developments. The most recent being the construction of a modernized office to make their business partners feel at home.

FVF offers a large variety of produce at a high standard of quality. 
Of the 260 acres they own and 80 acres they lease (and each piece of land can be cultivated up to three times a season), they produce a total of 7 million heads of lettuce annually.  Red and Green Leaf, Romaine, Boston, Chicory and Escarole are the big contributors to those numbers.  Celery, Radish, Carrots and Nappa cabbage are also cultivated amongst the lettuce. Approximately 70% of our produce is consumed in Quebec, while the remaining is exported to the United States.

Our celery and lettuce begin as little seedlings in one of our seven greenhouses, thus granting us the ability to get a head start on the season even still in the colder months of spring. These fragile seedlings are then planted into the ground four weeks later.

The collaboration of our certified agronomists is necessary to ensure an excellent quality of crops. Vincent Forino’s vision is centered on the respect of nature, through the usage of natural products. A conclusive study was carried out on carrots with the use of a natural product that was applied after the carrots had been growing for a few weeks. The study showed that not only did the quality improve but its shelf life did as well. Their process of strengthening the seedling’s natural immune system is an idea contrary to the popular use of chemicals to control pests and diseases.

Approximately 75 employees help make this company what it is. Among them are workers from Mexico and Guatemala, whose housing is supplied by the farm. Employees are an important resource to Farms V. Forino.

FVF since 2009 is certified by the Canadian Council of Horticulture
(CCH) for the SAF program thus respecting high standards of health and traceability to the farm.

In 2009, Mr. Forino was honored with the Moisson D’Or (harvest of
gold) by AJMQ, for his expansion and contribution to the market garden produce industry. In 2010, the company also placed 3rd in the bronze category given by L’Ordre National du Merite Agricole.

Since 2007, the Forino family has been actively involved in the “Campaign Against Hunger.” This allows them to redistribute several tons of food to the often forgotten inhabitants of rural areas.

As a member of several associations like AJMQ, AQDFL, and the ACDFL, we are always up to date on anything related to the agriculture industry.

Farms V. Forino and Sons strives toward the goal of offering the best quality, while still respecting their slogan, “Eating Well is in Our Culture!”