Farms V. Forino and Sons is proud to be honnored : Mérite agricole 2010 & Moisson d'or 2009

Farms V. Forino and Sons

We are a market gardening enterprise in the Monteregie region of Quebec.

Our farm produces a variety of lettuce: Red and Green Leaf, Romaine, Boston, Chicory and Escarole. Aside from lettuce we cultivate Nappa cabbage, Radishes, Celery and Carrots. The process begins by self-produced seedlings in our own greenhouses, which are then transferred to the fields about a month later. Our high-tech equipment ensures that our work is efficient throughout the entire process, from planting to harvesting.

The collaboration of our certified agronomists is necessary for our expertise in obtaining high quality vegetables. Our certification of the Canadian Council of Horticulture (safety program on the farm) was obtained in 2009. The examples above are our intentions of providing you with fresh vegetables for a healthy diet because our motto is,

“Eating Well is in our Culture!”


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